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Youth sports have never been as paramount to the development a total  child as it is today. With the increased monetary reward that goes with becoming a successful professional athlete and the celebrity status that shades it, parents more than ever before are dreaming big for their children.

We are committed to the concept of ‘Training for Life’ through encouraging and developing young people of all abilities in a wide variety of sporting activities. Our activities also aids children’s personal development in areas of self confidence, communication skills, teamwork and appreciation of how to win and lose. More importantly, your child does not need to be naturally gifted to enjoy and benefit from our programmes. Studies have proved that multiple sport disciplines keep the children engaged and alert. Cross training also allows for more creativity in Children to become better athletes and gain many transferable skills such as running, jumping, agility, quickness, throwing and countless other skills.

Our Courses

Buruj Sports Academy develops talents to become Goalkeepers, Defenders, Mid-fielders, and Strikers that can compete with stars anywhere in the world and eventually actualize their dreams. We offer regular and advanced football sessions/academic courses. We also offer weekend (Saturdays & Sundays) training for KIDS at affordable rates.

When it comes to developing football talents, Buruj Sports Academy is the best in the business and we know how to bring out the best in you. VIEW OUR SPECIAL OFFERS



The football academy courses cover all areas of the professional game of football including trial matches, competitive league matches, full-time coaching for all positions and much more.



A wealth of educational courses are available during your stay at the Academy, ranging from One year Studies to three years sport education.



All areas of student welfare are provided by our qualified team ranging from excursions, meals, medical cover, religion and making life at the football academy enjoyable.

Get scouted! play your way to european clubs through upcoming Trials and Competitions

We offer regular and advanced football sessions/academic courses.

Trials & Tournaments