Buruj coach lists criteria for admitting players

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The head coach of Buruj Sports Academy, Taiwo Oloyede has listed discipline as the first characteristic a player must have before he can become a successful either in the Academy or in his football career.

The vastly experienced former Nigerian international player also revealed that starting early in life is also important because once a player is over a certain age limit it becomes difficult if not impossible to accept and assimilate whatever the coaches are teaching.

Oloyede said: “At Buruj we always emphasize on age because if you don’t learn the basic elements of football when you’re little, you’ll not be able to grasp it well at an older age. This is not about talent but how you’re able to improve on what you have to get what will sustain your career.”

The former Stationery Stores player was discussing with newsmen about his coaching philosophy and why Buruj Sports Academy has been so successful.

“I will take a player with little talent and lots of discipline rather than one with talent but no discipline. Talent is usually not enough because football is meant to prepare you for life and if you lack discipline as a human being then you lack everything that makes life meaningful,” he said.

“Fortunately we have a CEO at Buruj who knows the game very well and has an idea of how we should operate. He gives a free hand to the coaches but doesn’t take indiscipline from anybody. He’s always emphasizing on building both the talent and character of our players so that when they leave here they become better human beings and better footballers.”

Oloyede finally revealed his pleasure at the progress of the team and the plans for the future.

“I think we are one of the busiest teams in our category and our Chairman Dr Salaudeen Waheed is an extremely busy man trying to push us to greater heights. Right now he’s in the United Kingdom, working hand in hand with Team Tours Direct to help not only Buruj Sports Academy but other teams too from Nigeria. We are due for a tour of the United Kingdom soon and this is just one of the few benefits to be derived from this team,” he concluded.

It will be recalled that the CEO was appointed country representative by Team Tours Direct and put in charge of the UK-based company’s affairs in Nigeria, according to a letter of appointment signed by TTD chairman Terry O’Neill.

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