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The Managing Director of Buruj Sports Academy, Salaudeen Waheed,  who returned to the country from Istanbul, Turkey, over the weekend has vowed to help more young talents from across the country to actualise their dreams of playing the beautiful game of football at the highest level.
Speaking against the background of his recent contacts he had and preparations for the next trip to be embarked upon by the players and officials of the academy, Salaudeen disclosed that his main ambition is to see those raw talents who are wasting away due to lack of attention and maladministration of the game in the country get that much desired opportunity to showcase their potentials where it can be tapped for optimum evolution and utilisation. He also posited that the experience and connection he has garnered over the years from managing the players from the grassroots to shipping them abroad for competitions and trials has put him in the vantage position to know what is best of every player based on his talent and background.
“We are very much committed to help young talents to become what they are dreaming of becoming as professional footballers. Our next trip to the United Kingdom is designed to build on what we have achieved through our recent trips and many more will still come on the stream.”
“All what the players need to do is to come, register and prove what they are capable of doing whenever we commence our training ahead of the trips. We have the contacts and connection already and we have created a template that will ensure that all those trips yield results bountifully so that those young talents can have the platform to shine.”
“At this crucial stage when our football fortune is at its lowest ebb, we need something extraordinary in terms of talent grooming to lift the lull. Our choice of players will be on merit- first come, first sever and preparations have begin in earnest for our next trip to the United Kingdom in October,” he sums up.

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