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The Managing Director of Buruj Sports Academy Dr. Salaudeen Waheed has hailed some government agencies like National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons (NAPTIC) and Nigeria Immigration Services (NIS) for their crusade and efforts toward eradicating human traffic and child slavery in the country.
According to the well-travelled CEO of one of the foremost football academies in the country, Dr. Salaudeen who returned to the country recently from the tour of United Kingdom alongside some players and officials disclosed that, gone are the days when some shylock Player Agents will capitalise on the desperation of some young players to travel abroad to tie them down to some wicked contracts with foreign club and in the process mortgage the future of such players.
He said that his recent rapport with those agencies has given him enough understanding of what they are doing to sanitise the system and called on all stakeholders to continue to assist them so that they can be encourage to do their jobs creditably well.
“I think what the officials of NAPTIC and Immigration are doing in the area of curtailing the incident of human trafficking and child-labour deserves our commendation and we should encourage them to continue to discharge their duties well.”
“As someone who has been in the business of managing young talents since close to a decade now, I am in a position to say that gone are the days when it was so easy for some wicked agents to turn the head of players and before you know it, they would be dumped in under some inhuman conditions under the pretence of getting foreign contract for them.”
“It is good that before you take any under-age player abroad now, those agencies must be contacted. That’s what we have been doing at Buruj Sports Academy. We don’t need back-doors. We are following due process in managing our young talents knowing full well that if we groom them very well, their time will come when they will become hot-cake in the world of football and they will not need to suffer unnecessarily just because someone want to gain from it,” he said.

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