Buruj put Dubai trip on hold

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The management of Buruj Sports Academy has announced the postponement of its well-advertised participation at the annual Dubai Super Cup.

Instead, the team will now focused its attention on the upcoming Manchester Senior Cup as well as the Welsh Cup in Cardiff City coming up in July.

According to a statement personally signed by the CEO of the Academy, Dr Salaudeen Waheed, this postponement becomes necessary as key members of the team will be engaged in writing their final senior secondary school examinations and it will not be fair on them or the team if the trip is allowed to go on as they would have missed out.

He said: “We have some players writing their senior examinations so we cannot afford to leave then being as they’re an integral part of this team.”

Dr Salaudeen also said the competition coincided with the preliminaries of the Lagos State Federation Cup for which the team is already grouped to play.

“We have the Federation Cup to play also and we are not only going to participate, we want to do well in the competition. To achieve this, we need our best players to be available. Moreover, we also kook forward to using the competition to scout for quality additions to the team which will help us do better,” he said.

The CEO also revealed that all travelling documents for the team have been secured and all that is left is for the players to prepare well in order to adequately represent Nigeria.

“Coming to the UK has made everything easier for us as all of the arrangements have been made and all that is required is for the players to turn up and do well.”

Buruj Sports Academy is one of the leading academies in Nigeria with a record of consistently helping young Nigerians to achieve their dreams.

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