Buruj to embark on fresh recruitment of players

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Buruj to embark on fresh recruitment of players

The management of Buruj Sports Academy has announced plans to embark on a fresh recruitment of players in order yo strengthen the team for the numerous challenges ahead.

This was made known by the CEO Dr Salaudeen Waheed in a telephone message from London, United Kingdom on the ways to improve the team’s fortunes.

He said:”We want to have a team that’s near-perfect as possible because we have the Federation Cup to play early next month as well as our foreign tour. If we are going to do well, we need to get as many good players as possible. While we acknowledge the qualities in the boys we have now, we still want to give others the opportunity to come in and show us what they can do.”

Towards this end, the CEO has sent instructions to the head coach of the team on modalities to adopt in the recruitment.

“I’m in constant contact with the coach and we have a plan in place for this exercise. The coaching crew know what to look out for and we have pencilled down one or two already. We still have space for a few more and we will gladly welcome newcomers to the team. All they need to do is just walk in and show what they have,” Dr Salaudeen said.

On the purpose of his London trip, the CEO expressed happiness that all arrangements have been made for the team to travel to the United Kingdom for the Manchester Cup later in the year.

“We’ve been blessed so far on this trip and I can say with all sincerity that it was a good one for us. From the moment we met His Royal Majesty, the Ooni of Ife who showered royal blessings on us to all the wonderful people who have made this trip very memorable, I can’t thank them enough,” he concluded.

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