Yes! Players who desire quality football development program give all their best to attain greater heights

Payment for a year program is made on a One-Off basis while other programs can be paid on two installment basis.

Only Accommodation is included in your training program, feeding is not included in the fee.

After you pay the cost of participating in the Buruj Sports Academy (BSA) Soccer Development program, you are to complete your registration processing at the academy, assigned to your room, given training kits (excluding boots). Then other thing follows.

Our football academy has an international status. The main base is in Lagos in the city of Ogolonto in Ikorodu.

You will live at the academy hostel. All life on the base is adapted for football players.

Now you have the opportunity to. If you show yourselves in the best possible way and on professional football tests show a good result, then we can give you a chance to go to tryouts.

Players are issued with a certificate of completion after their program but exceptional players who get certified by the technical team of the academy will be promoted to play in the Third Tier League of the Nigeria Football League while improving the technical aspect of their game and sign a lucrative contract.

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