Students enjoys conducive hostel with good infrastructure and Buses for transportation. We would like you to have a look at our facilities if time permits you.

Our training facilities are up-to-date. We have several professional training equipment, which include: Astro Turf Pitch, Hurdles, Ladders, Slalom poles, Skill tennis, Manique free-kick, etc.

Buruj Sports Academy provides the best possible educational opportunity.

For students who are to attend Buruj Sports Academy, combined with secondary education (JSS 1 to SS 3), the boarding facility for them is at the School (Goshen International School). These categories of students enjoy extra coaching classes, balanced with their school time-table. Buruj Sports Academy is in collaboration with Goshen International School to ensure that the best education is achieved while developing career in sports. At Goshen International School, the best of primary and secondary education is guaranteed.

For students who are done with their secondary education, the boarding facility enjoyed is the main Football camp, based at Buruj Sports Academy.

Students in Boarding school are more disciplined because there are fewer distractions. This encourages independence, participation in development activities under the monitoring of the management in a firm, fair and friendly manner.


Students who choose to be on Day, which is allowed, have their choice of attending school and coming to camp only during training sessions.


Choosing the right school marks a new beginning in the life of your child. Taking one’s time to explore educational options is an important decision for any family or parent. We seek to aid the development of children in our care as athletes and citizens by instilling in them the spirit of excellence.

We run education with sports. We guide all students to develop personal integrity and leadership skills on which they can draw for the rest of their lives. We would love to help you understand the unique benefits that we have to offer, where we encourage each child to develop as a lifelong and confident learner.

When you choose to combine sports with education, you will be joining a welcoming and supportive community which encourages the diverse faculty and student body that mirrors the world around us. We strive to build friendship as students/players, teachers/coaches, and parents that will last.

Education is of paramount importance and as such, we want parents to understand that without education, success in the world may be impaired. Send your Child to our academy and enjoy the full fledge of all-round training. For Tuition Information, click here.
Our registration is ongoing now, click here for information on Fees and how to join Buruj Sports Academy.