UK Trip: Buruj Sports Academy to fly Virgin Atlantic

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The management of Buruj Sports Academy have concluded plans to jet out aboard Virgin Atlantic Airlines for the upcoming trip to the United Kingdom for the Manchester Super Cup as well as the Welsh Super Cup competitions coming up in July.

Dr Salaudeen Waheed, CEO of the Academy who revealed this, said it was in the best interest of the team to travel in comfort so that they will arrive the tournament in high spirits ready to do battle.

“We are planning to fly out on Virgin Atlantic so we are making our plans in good time even though the competition is still in July,” he said.

Dr Salaudeen also informed that the organisers of the competition, Team Tours Direct, are in the process of gathering all of the pre-tour information from participating teams.

Information such as bed & breakfast accommodations, lunch and dinner arrangement, transferring contingent from airport to hotel and from hotel to pitch every day which would help for a seamless organization are being collated by the organisers.

He added: “I’ve been in touch with Team Tours Direct boss Terry O’Neil and I’m satisfied with the level of preparations they’ve put in place. By God’s grace, we’ll also do our own part here and also make sure we represent the country well when we get to the United Kingdom.”

Buruj Academy will also attend soccer clinics and trials during the competition.

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